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Excerpt from Chapter 3 from “Who Really Wrote the Book of Enoch?A
The Great Crisis: The Watchers Descend
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“Time-Capsule to the Last Generation”

The Millenium of Watcher Misrule

According to Enoch, mankind was subjected to systematic misrule by the evil angels and their demonic offspring. Starting in the days of Enoch’s father, Jared, and continuing until the flood, these terrible conditions persisted and increased on earth for more than a thousand years. It was during this time, we believe, that many of earth’s puzzling megaliths were built by the Watchers and their children.

Over the course of the next ten centuries, the subjugation and degradation of mankind would pass through three distinct phases. In the book, each of these phases is introduced with a description of some form of evil angelic indoctrination followed by its immediate negative results. Enoch then culminates each phase with a summary of that period’s ultimate disastrous outcome for mankind.

Phase 1: Age of Monsters

During the first phase,A the evil angels take any women they desire, effectively rape them, and begin to introduce them to occult doctrine and practice. Some have suggested the mention of “cutting of roots”B is a reference to genetic engineering. Indeed, the phrase is immediately followed by the birth of the giants. However, taken in context the cutting of roots likely refers to the magical use of the natural products of the earth.

The birth of the Watchers’ offspring increases the subjugation and domination of mankind to a much greater degree. The oppression of humanity by the Watcher children is now layered on top of the abuse of the evil angels which is already well underway.

Both Genesis 6, and Enoch’s book report the Watcher angels’ offspring were called “Nephilim.” The meaning of this word is subject to some debate. It is commonly assumed the word should be translated “giants.” This is because the offspring of the Watchers were typified by mutations, one of the most common being gigantism. However, other types of mutations were apparently in evidence. In a later passage, using allegorical language Enoch refers to the women giving birth to Nephilim in this way, “all of whom became pregnant, and brought forth elephants, camels, and asses”.C Another ancient Jewish book from before the Christian era says, “And they begat sons the Naphidim, and they were all unlike”.D

The offspring of the Watchers begin to assert themselves in the world of humankind. Unlike Adam and Eve whom the Scriptures tell us fell from innocence, and unlike the Watchers, whom we are also informed fell from God’s grace, the Nephilim were bad from birth. Being the offspring of both fallen humanity and fallen angelic beings, the Nephilim are never spoken of as having fallen from God’s grace and are never given an opportunity to repent.

The Watcher children begin their oppression of humanity by consuming the fruit of mankind’s laborsE but soon this is not enough and they move to consuming humans themselves.F In the era before the flood, God had not as yet allowed mankind to eat the meat of animals,G but the Nephilim are unrestrained in consuming any and all of them. The Watcher children ultimately end up consuming each other as well as reveling in the drinking of blood.H

The outcome of this first phase is a world characterized by violence and bloodshed. The phrase “the earth laid accusation against the lawless ones” I is a manner of stating that much innocent blood is being shed on earth; it is as if the blood-soaked ground is crying out to heaven for justice.

As the age of monsters raged on, phase two was set to commence....

Phase 2: Thus Spake Azazel

During this phaseJ Azazel is credited with passing on to humanity the knowledge of certain technologies. In doing this, not only did Azazel cause human know-how to accelerate but he also made sure it was corrupted. Under the evil tutelage of Azazel the innocent knowledge of metallurgy was turned to warfare and personal beautification was turned toward evil purposes. We can surmise Azazel’s motives in all this from the results he obtained. Because of the creation of weaponry and through certain uses of personal beautification, “there arose much godlessness, and they committed fornication, and they were led astray, and became corrupt in all their ways.” Because of these outcomes, Azazel will be singled out for special punishment before the flood.

As the first two phases of this millennium of misery continued rolling on, phase three was about to erupt on the world stage….

Phase 3: Global Satanic Conspiracy

In the third phase,K indoctrinating the human race in the occult arts became universal. What people believe matters, and as is always the case with occult beliefs, instead of educating, elevating, improving, and enlightening its adherents, mankind became further debased and further bloodshed spread over the face of the earth. It is about this situation that the Biblical record tells us, “The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually” (Genesis 6:5).

Enoch having been born about 1033 years before the flood, had cause throughout his life to interact with Watcher angels, both those fallen and those who had not. While worshipping God in the presence of angels, Enoch receives his call to preach. The judgment of God against the Watchers and their children having been determined, Enoch is sent to preach God’s decree to the sinning angels at Mount Hermon.L The call of Enoch has come nearly seven centuries before the flood.

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